The Dick’s 4th of July Wish

Well know the tell-tale sign of a dick: Using all caps. True to form, Señor Dick nailed it!

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The Dick Says, “Happy July 4th, Wetbacks”

Well, no, not really. But you know Señor Dick is surely thinking it on this particular holiday. What has he done lately to such an incorrigible dick? He’s cherry-picked some news reports, one that not surprisingly blames a “dirty Mexican” for a murder. Apparently, one murder by someone brown-skinned means that, you know, all Hispanics are murders.

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Waking from the Dead

Both the Dick and I have woken from the dead. No better time to relaunch this blog now that His Dickness is officially running to lose the presidency.

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Donald Trump Lies, Again

What’s missing from the Greta Van Sustern interview (and surrounding birtherism) was this lie thrown down by Donald Trump. When discussing Las Vegas, Trump said that President Obama had said “Don’t go there.” Really? A sitting president advised people to stay away from Vegas? That does sound serious—if it were true, but it isn’t.

In fact, Obama NEVER said don’t go to Las Vegas. Here’s what he said:

“You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.”

That’s simply a truism. It’s not disparaging Vegas. It was misrepresented by Fox News et al.

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Donald Trump Makes Wolf Blitzer Look Human

Boy, what does it take for me to side with Wolf Blitzer? The veteran CNN anchor and the Most Boring Person in the World is an automaton, a guy who has no opinion on anything—ever. Yet, when Wolf interviewed Donny things got kooky, and Trump got his comeuppance, which must be doubly painful for the Dick, as it came from a man without feeling or emotion.

It seems as if Wolf has finally actually grown a pair.

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A Note from Admin

Due to the crazy amount of stories proving that Donald Trump is a dick, I feel like I need to hire a staff of 50. For now, our global staff is working hard at posting all the Trump Dick stories we can muster.

Stay tuned.

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George Will vs. Donald Trump = Dick vs. Dick

Though George Will has the personality of a lobotomized hospital patient, he finally called out Trump for what he is. This is Will’s zenith, no doubt.

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The Donald’s Sure Obama Was Born in Kenya

Why? Because he’s a dick.

From a Daily Beast article.

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Bully Trump Cheers Demise of Dreadful “Rosie Show”

While it’s true Rosie O’Donnell is irritating and has never been much of a talent, nonetheless it’s dickish for dick Donald Trump to go guns-blazing on her. Yet again, the sad little man attempts to bolster his ego by dumping on O’Donnell. What do you expect from a total dick?

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Lawrence O’Donnell Lambastes Trump

Wow. Kudos to Lawrence O’Donnell; he leaves Trump speechtweetless.

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