As a longtime resident of New York City, I’ve never cared much for The Donald. I first moved here in the late eighties and saw up close how Trump ruined the Manhattan skyline. His God-awful buildings are reason enough to hate the d-bag, but now we have a whole host of fresh reasons to loathe the short-fingered vulgarian.

For now I’ll remain semi-anonymous (mainly because I have little time to copy edit my posts, and if someone were to point out a typo, I’d be embarrassed to no end). But here’s my deal: I have been in publishing since moving to New York in 1989; I worked for a magazine that often took potshots at Donald Trump. Hmm, I wonder which magazine that was? It’s probably so easy to find out who I am, that Donald himself won’t even need to hire his crack investigators to track me down. (They’re pretty busy in Hawaii, anyway.)

I plan on posting all things dickish surrounding Trump. If you’ve found more proof that Trump is indeed a dick, please e-mail me.

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