Editorial: Republicans Worried About Trump Need Only Look in Mirror

A potential Mexican rapist guards El Dick.

A potential Mexican rapist guards El Dick.

There are a lot of nervous Republicans hoping that Donald Trump has peaked. They appear to be worried that the Dick has severely damaged the party. What they seem to forget, however, is that the core GOP hierarchy is comprised up of people just like Donald Trump.

These nattering Republicans laughably believe their party is one of moderation, toleration, and humility (all wrapped in a blanket, adorned with a screaming eagle, of fiscal conservatism). Have they not been reading their own party platform for the past several decades? Do they not listen to talk radio? Do they not watch Fox News? Tune into just a few minutes of this drivel and one will instantly realize that the Republican Party is a party of hatred, anger, white marginalization, and self-loathing. Thus, Donald Trump is no aberration: He is the face of the Republican Party.

Why is he getting all the media attention? Because he lacks an infrastructure, a campaign machine, and any sort of governor to edit and refine his speeches. Rather than saying something to get votes, Trump is shooting his mouth off. But what he’s saying is pretty close to what most Republicans believe anyway: They don’t like immigrants, they don’t believe Barack Obama was born in the United States, and they would happily bomb every country from Mexico to Russia and back again and laugh as they do it. This isn’t heresy. It’s not as if Trump’s beliefs have never been heard before from greasy party operatives. What exactly is Donald Trump saying that the entire Republican Party doesn’t believe in? John McCain, a war hero or not? Who gives a shit? That’s just petty media click-bait. Poll most Republican candidates, and privately they’d agree: Most Mexicans are rapists—they just dare not say it.

The Republican establishment is simply pissed off that Donald Trump can say whatever the hell he wants to say, whenever he wants to say it, and that he doesn’t suffer any consequences.

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