U.S. Border Patrol to Trump: You’re Such a Dick!

Donald-Trump-to-tour-US-Mexico-border-meet-some-brave-peopleMembers of the U.S. Border Patrol were slated to have a photo-op with the Donald at the U.S.–Mexico border, but once they realized Trump is a piñata and a supreme dick, they backed out.

“Just to be clear, an endorsement was never discussed for any presidential candidate,” said a statement from Hector Garza, president of Local 2455 of the National Border Patrol Council. “Local 2455 does not endorse candidates for any political office.”

You know up is down and night is day when Gov. Rick “Oops” Perry has the best line of the week. He said:

“I hope [Trump] will explain to the Hispanic Americans he meets why he thinks they are rapists and murderers.”

Seriously, Rick Perry said that.

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