Trump Claims He’s a Gun Nut, But He’s Probably Lying

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.19.12 AMOne of the biggest revelations from Trump’s interview with NBC’s with Katy Tur comes not that the Dick is a misogynist (note the patronizing and condescending dripping from his mouth at every turn), but that he’s a “big” 2nd Amendment guy. When asked whether he has a gun, he says he has a “license” to have a gun. When pressed further about if in fact he HAS A GUN, he says he does, but it’s pretty clear from body language that he’s lying. Then he gets all pissy and diva-ish, saying it’s “none of your business” if he actually uses his gun.

Chances are very good that El Dick doesn’t even own a gun, but of course he has to give lip service to the GOP electorate who masturbate daily to their firearms. How much shooting is he doing from his penthouse atop the Trump Tower? Pretty sure skeet shooting is outlawed in Manhattan.

In the end, though, all of America should be glad of the probability that Trump doesn’t own a gun. Unhinged people like the Dick shouldn’t be allowed to possess a firearm.

See the entire interview here:

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