When a Roomful of Dicks Thinks You’re Too Dickish, You Know You’re a Serious Dick

DickStruck by this little gem from the Republican media machine The Wall Street Urinal Journal.

The 2016 clown-car of candidates has been up in arms over the past week not about the legalization of gay marriage or the affirmation of Obamacare. Nope, because one rich New York asshole has taken the GOP field by storm. Of course I’m talking about perhaps the biggest dick to run for president since Whig Maximilian R. Dickshine in 1846.  That said, when a field of candidates who are as extreme and hateful as a group can be calls out Trump out for being…well, hateful, what does that say about the rich asshole? Think about it. Not one Republican candidate has an ounce of humility or humanity, yet they all speak in one voice saying Donald Trump is “too extreme” in his hatred of Mexicans. Really, Rand Paul? For it was you who, on the Rachel Maddow show in 2010, said you had some serious problems with the Civil Rights Act. And let’s not even begin with the hatred shown by Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, or Hater-in-Chief Bobby Jindal.

The real news behind the WSJ piece is the fact that all the GOP candidates criticizing Trump for his racist comments have themselves made comments just as hateful, if not more so. But now they come out of the woodwork with a newfound sense of charm and class to tell the GOP electorate that they’re human? One, it’s too late and two, the GOP electorate is one fueled by hate. Thus, Señor Dick is eating most of their (non-Mexican) lunches. Just look at the recent polls.

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